Greasy Hair: Wet Shampoo vs Dry Shampoo

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Oily hair hides more than just a negative appearance, and anyone who suffers from chronic oily hair knows how tiring it can become. The latest trend in dry shampoo is clashing with classic shampoo and the conclusion proves that oiliness is a matter of personalised care.


Wet Shampoo

The product: If your hair is oily throughout its whole length and seems oily immediately after being washed, you should use deep cleansing shampoo.

The advantages: With just one product your hair will be deeply cleansed and you will be saved from the daily hair wash which damages your hair’s health. Also, it won’t take you anything like as long to comb your hair and your hair will feel light without any residue from other products.

What the experts say: It is unusual for hair to be greasy all along its length, so a deep cleansing shampoo can leave the ends exposed. If you have long hair, look after the ends with a dry oil, but use all other products such as conditioner and masks sparingly.

Dry Shampoo

The product: Dry shampoo can leave you with a white face between washes, but it also solved the dilemma of dry ends and oily roots.

The advantages: Dry shampoos have an advanced composition that does not leave any residue and does not weigh down the hair. If the roots of your hair are oily immediately, while your ends are damaged by the hair dryer, you can use dry shampoo to keep your hair away from the heat some days.

What the experts say: Dry shampoo should be used with care and moderation between “normal” washes. It is not in any way a substitute for water as water is irreplaceable in the way it washes away dirt and rejuvenates the hair. On the other hand, you will see how well dry shampoo works when you have the ultimate hairstyle and you want it to last longer.