How can i prevent hair loss?

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Hair loss is a major problem for both men and women. Gradual hair loss is called alopecia. Whether for a man or a woman, the slow, gradual decline in hair density usually begins around the age of 50 and is a perfectly normal phenomenon associated with the aging process. Thanks to this knowledge, the hairdresser can suggest a new and advanced technology to treat hair loss that will make a difference.


Significant scientific progress has been made in understanding hair loss. For example, we now know that no one loses their hair overnight and that simply over time, or even prematurely, the hair grows less and less, becoming thinner.

Furthermore, a link has been established between alopecia starting and the appearance of the hair follicles. This shows that the hair follicle connective tissue sheath becomes rigid. The hardening of this sheath slows down the development of the hair follicle and therefore the hair lacks vigour and thins.


Thanks to their training and experience, hairdressers can make a diagnosis on your hair loss and advise you on the most appropriate treatment. Your hairdresser can offer you a treatment that contains the unique AMINEXIL molecule that improves hair loss, extends the life of 8000 hairs and creates a better “anchor” in the scalp for the hair fibre, to truly make a real difference to the density and texture of your hair.


Make sure you promote a healthy scalp. Just as your skin will act up if it’s not properly cleaned or cared for, your scalp will do the same. And your scalp and hair follicles need the cleanest and most balances environment possible in order to fight off hair loss. Ask your hairdresser to recommend hair cleaning products that gently remove bacteria, restore a correct pH level and don’t suffocate your scalp by leaving a thick residue.
 Be gentle with your hair: don’t tug, aggressively comb, or dry your hair in a harsh manner. Also, be aware of your stress level as a busy schedule and little sleep may intensify hair loss.