What is the best shampoo for coloured hair?

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If your coloured hair starts losing intensity very quickly, the problem is most probably that you are not using special shampoo for coloured hair. Which is a shame, especially if you have found the perfect shade. So, protect your new colour using a shampoo which is specially constituted for taking care of coloured hair.

Shampoo for highlights

If you have beautiful new highlights, either classic or lowlights (in a darker shade than your natural hair), choose a shampoo designed to protect, and also to highlight the colour and emphasise the different shades. We recommend Vitamino Color A OX from the Serie Expert series. While gently cleansing the hair, it also protects the colour from the UV rays that lead to it fading.

How to avoid discolouring

By using the right care products you also avoid unwanted yellowing. The new Blondifier series for blondes, also from the Serie Expert, includes Blondifier Shampoo Cool with acai berry extract and purple shades which neutralize the orange tones.

For brunettes, Vitamino Color A OX shampoo contains CC cream, specially designed to neutralize the reddish hues that can appear. Alternate it with your conditioner to keep your brunette hair natural and shiny.

Natural cleansing products

Do you prefer natural, environmentally friendly products for your hair? The new Source Essentielle treatment line contains 80-99% vegan natural ingredients and is available in containers that can be refilled up to three times in hair salons. The range, which includes shampoos for different hair types, features Radiance Balm with fig pulp, specially designed to moisturise coloured hair, preventing breakage whilst maximising colour longevity and radiance. Ideal for taking care of your hair, but also the environment!